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Brothers in Arms DS screens

February 27, 2007

Brothers in Arms DS Screen

This screen was originally from a digital camera’s picture of a page from the most recent Nintendo Power (What a mouthful!), so the texture isn’t great and there may be some innacuracies resulting from the reformatting. But still, it’s the best we’re gonna be seeing for now!

Original pictures
Cleaned up pics

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Luminous Arc import review

February 26, 2007

“When I first heard about Luminous Arc, I was immediately interested in learning more about the game prior to its release mostly because it was an SRPG; and as some who own a DS and are into RPGs may know, the DS is pretty thin when it comes to SRPGs. Advance Wars was the last SRPG to grace the Nintendo DS while the rest of the DS RPGs were pretty much action RPGs. My interest in Luminous Arc reached an all new height when I learned that Yasunori Mitsuda, the brilliant and talented video game music composer who blew many RPG fans away with his score to Chrono Trigger, was behind the game’s soundtrack. To my surprise, after having an extensive amount of time with the game itself, I’m glad to say the wait and interest I had in this game was well worth the warm and awesome reception it returned to me in the end.”

Full review here

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New My Sims trailer

February 26, 2007

GameTrailers has a new trailer posted for My Sims (I posted a press release earlier today). The only downside is the trailer’s French, but that doesn’t really matter considering Sims only speak Simlish!

See the trailer here

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Heroes of Mana screens

February 26, 2007

Heroes of Mana screen

More here

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